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D&D Mechanical, Inc. is proud of our company, its management, employees and the capabilities we offer to assist you in meeting your business objectives. We are confident that the diversity of our experience confirms the integrity and strengths of our management team and its ability to produce outstanding results for our clients.

While D&D Mechanical, Inc. was a newly formed company in 2004, specializing in mechanical construction, we certainly are not new to the construction business. Our management team is comprised of successful industry professionals with a broad range of extensive experience in all aspects of the construction industry, including; construction management, engineering and plant maintenance, throughout the industrial and commercial sector.

Our philosophy, “Exceed the Expectation”, while simply stated is one that is not often matched in the construction industry. Our team is well trained, organized and skilled in understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. Our expertise includes fabrication, installation, service and repair of process equipment, piping, plumbing and mechanical systems and machinery, as well as the support of these activities through equipment and materials specification, procurement, project planning and scheduling.

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We hold the following certifications:
American Society of Mechanical Engineers “S” Certification
Grants us permission to manufacture and assemble power boilers

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David Childress


David has over 45 years of construction management experience, of which over fifteen years were as an Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager for a major national industrial contractor. The balance of his experience has been as Project Manager, Project Superintendent and Project Engineer. He has been an instrumental figure in local, regional and national construction and construction trades organizations.
David is an accomplished and proven construction professional, with a solid project record in both industrial and commercial projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. His educational background includes the Hargrave Military Institute as well as Virginia Tech.

Well organized and experienced, David has a solid record of working well with not only his clients but people at all levels of project involvement, including; architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors, field personnel, co-workers and vendors / suppliers all of which are key elements in successful project execution and completion.

In addition to his professional career, David has been an influential individual in the community through many years of civic activities and public service.

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David Crooks


David has over 29 years of industrial management experience, including plant management of manufacturing facilities. He has extensive experience at all levels of maintenance and engineering management, giving him an in depth understanding of how to organize our efforts to understand, meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

David is a manufacturing industry professional, with a proven track record of accomplishments including development, oversight, management and execution of large scale engineering, maintenance and construction projects. He has a proven ability to manage multiple projects. His educational background includes a degree from Murray State University as well as studying business management at Virginia Commonwealth University.

From the board-room to the field employee, David understands the importance of, and is accomplished at, forging relationships at all levels. Well organized, highly motivated and experienced, he has a solid record of working well with people at all levels of organizations.

Having served many years of his career as a client of construction companies has given David a thorough understanding of the required elements of successful project management for our clients. His ability to communicate at all levels of involvement, including; architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors, vendors / suppliers, co-workers and field personnel are key elements in successful project execution and completion.

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