Conveyor Transfer Upgrade

Newport News, VA

FLEXCO, Dominion Terminal Associates

Dominion Terminal Associates, one of the leading exporters of coal in the United States recently upgraded several coal conveyor transfers in order to increase their productivity and operating efficiency. This work was performed in association with other large scale site modifications to ensure the facility maintained its leadership position in its industry.

D&D Mechanical’s Role

D&D Mechanical, Inc was selected by Dominion Terminal Associates and FLEXCO to provide structural modifications and mechanical installation of new transfer systems and conveyor modifications being provided to the facility by FLEXCO. Additionally D&D Mechanical, Inc was responsible for fabrication and installation of a new bottom cone section of one of the facilities coal surge silos. All project related construction activities were required to be completed within a 28 calendar day production outage.

The Results

D&D Mechanical, Inc completed the fabrication and installation of the new bottom cone section of the surge silo as well as all conveyor modifications and conveyor transfer upgrades on schedule. D&D Mechanical’s total scope of work performed had a contract value of approximately $535,000 and was completed during the site production outage of June 13 through July 11, 2011.

This Project Demonstrates

• Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication
• Heavy Rigging
• Equipment Installation
• Project Controls & Scheduling
• Plant Shutdown and Maintenance Outage Performance
• Safe Work Practices