D&D Mechanical, Inc. is committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace. We provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and establish safe work methods and practices at all times. It is only through this commitment to safety that we can ensure our employees go home safely to their families.

Our policies require employees to report unsafe conditions and perform work tasks safely. Employee recommendations to improve safety and health conditions are given thorough consideration by our management team. Management gives top priority to and provides the resources to make certain that our work sites are safe work sites. Our employees are trained in the requirements of both OSHA and MSHA.

Senior management is actively involved with employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program and participates in the company’s ongoing safety and health program activities.

Our safety policy serves to express management’s commitment to and involvement in providing our employees a safe and healthy workplace. Our safety and health program is the standard of practice for D&D Mechanical, Inc. Compliance with the safety rules and policies of the company is required of all employees as a condition of employment.