Industrial Process Piping

D&D Mechanical, Inc. is known as one of the top providers of millwright services. We are experienced in the assembly and installation of all types of manufacturing equipment throughout a wide range of industries.

We ensure that your equipment is assembled and installed properly and accurately. Our highly skilled workforce is trained in precision services and provides precision laser alignment of all types of rotating equipment as well as precision leveling of machinery bases, and sole plates. We provide precision bolting and bolt torque services so that you can be certain that your equipment is assembled as specified.

Our millwrights are accustomed to performing during time critical production equipment outages and understand the importance of meeting your schedule requirements.

If your projects require precision alignment D&D Mechanical, Inc. is the ticket to your success. From the installation of the base plates through the final alignment of your production equipment D&D Mechanical is your sole source provider for precision alignment. We provide precision optical alignment for your base plates and equipment. Our craftsmen are trained and efficient in precision alignment of rotating equipment utilizing precision lasers or dial indicators. We can align your belt drive systems utilizing precision lasers.

To make certain that you are getting the very best possible results and equipment life it is important to have your equipment properly aligned. You can count on D&D Mechanical, Inc to fulfill your precision alignment needs on time and on budget.

Misaligned machines result in vibrations and premature wear and failure of rotating components. Poor machine alignment contributes to increased operating and maintenance costs and decreased life expectancy of your critical equipment. To make certain that you are getting the very best possible results and equipment life it is important to have your rotating equipment properly aligned. Precision alignment leads to reduced vibration, increased time between failures, reduced maintenance costs, reduced energy costs and increased production.

You can count on D&D Mechanical, Inc. to fulfill your precision alignment needs on time and on budget. Our staff of trained craftsmen is efficient in precision alignment of rotating equipment utilizing the correct methods with optics, precision lasers or dial indicators. We have the resources to properly align your vertical shafts, cardan shafts, belt drives or direct coupled equipment.

Whether you have direct drives, belt drives or shaft driven equipment, proper alignment is critical to make certain you are getting the most from your equipment and maintenance budget. If you need to make certain that you are receiving the best possible rotating equipment alignment chose D&D Mechanical, Inc.

D&D Mechanical, Inc. is well versed in the installation and maintenance of all types of material handling systems. We install, modify and maintain belt conveyor systems, powered roller conveyors and screw conveyors for a wide range of industrial clients. Our expertise includes applications that handle coal, aggregate and natural resources, bulk package handling, food & beverage products, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, metals processing, wood products, and pulp & paper.

D&D Mechanical, Inc. is a leader in heavy rigging, equipment relocation and equipment installation. In addition to actually performing the hands on work portion of your project, we offer assistance with feasibility studies, and budgeting as well as scheduling. We understand the importance of time critical production outages and strive to minimize your downtime.

From delicate medical equipment, glass lined reactor vessels, centrifuges, process equipment, storage tanks, manufacturing equipment and turbines we have the expertise and experience required to accomplish your project safely and efficiently. D&D Mechanical has the capability to handle virtually any rigging or equipment relocation project. We offer a trained, experienced workforce of craftsmen and certified riggers to handle your every need from start to finish.

D&D Mechanical, Inc. stakes its reputation on achieving success on our projects. When you have process equipment to be installed, you can rest assured that we are focused on exceeding your expectation. Our vast experience in chemical processing, power generation, pulp and paper, printing and converting, plastic films, food and beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, coal processing, metal processing, and material handling projects helps us to provide the most skilled project team for our customers.

The team at D&D Mechanical has the experience and expertise to make certain your equipment is properly installed. We have the equipment and skills required to provide your complete equipment installation. From setting the sole plates to rigging the equipment into position and assembling it, to providing precision alignment, you can be certain that our interest is in getting it right the first time so you can get into production.