RockTenn Annual Boiler Outage

West Point, VA

RockTenn, one of the leading manufacturers of paper and liner board in the United States, operates a large paper manufacturing facility in West Point, Virginia. The facility includes two power boilers and two recovery boilers which produce steam and electricity to support the facilities manufacturing requirements. These boilers require annual outages for inspections and repairs to ensure they are in optimum operating condition.

D&D Mechanical’s Role

D&D Mechanical, Inc was selected by RockTenn to provide mechanical maintenance, inspection and repair services for the support equipment for their recovery boilers and power boilers during their 2012 Annual Outage. D&D provided approximately 75 skilled craftsmen for around the clock coverage for inspections, repairs and rebuilds to screw, belt and bucket conveyor systems transporting bark, coal and ash. D&D performed precision alignment on over 30 pieces of rotating equipment, centrifugal pump inspections and replacements, agitator inspections and replacements, inspections of power transmission equipment and couplings as well as, belt drive inspections and replacements on all mechanical support systems associated with the boilers at the facility. All project related activities were completed within an 8 calendar day production outage, on schedule and under budget.